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Chagrin & Tonic Podcast

Apr 12, 2018

The word "infrared" sounds an awful lot like "infomercial".  Is that what comes to your mind when you hear infrared?  But what do scientific studies say about utilizing infrared in regards to plaque in your brain, collagen in your skin, and pain in your joints?  Here, Dr. Jay simplifies important health issues, combining these entertaining and enlightening Chagrin & Tonic (C&T) YouTube episodes:


(1) InfraSauna, FAR Infrared Sauna, NEAR Infrared Sauna…NO RESEARCH?!,


(2) Infrared Saunas, Light, Lasers: SKIN, ACNE, and HAIR GROWTH Benefits?,


(3) INFRARED Saunas and Light for JOINTS, Arthritis Inflammation, and Pain Relief,


(4) INFRARED for BRAIN trauma, Alzheimer’s, and TBI post-concussion injury,


(5) Infrared Radiation Therapy for MUSCLES and HOW Infrared Works.


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