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Chagrin & Tonic Podcast

May 25, 2018

A Top 10 TED Talk is wrong?  Bad butt bacteria lower testosterone?  And how is it that your T is hovering at the level of an 80-year-old?  Here, Dr. Jay simplifies important health issues, combining these entertaining and enlightening Chagrin & Tonic (C&T) YouTube episodes:


(1) TOTAL Testosterone Does NOT Decline in Old Age, it’s FAKE NEWS!,


(2) How Does LOW TESTOSTERONE Impact Your Health?,


(3) How BAD Gut Bacteria LOWER Your Testosterone,


(4) TOP 10 TED TALK on Posture, Testosterone, and Cortisol DEBUNKED,


(5) Testosterone, Steroid, and Lipid Testing: When, Where, & Why Be Skeptical.


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