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Chagrin & Tonic Podcast

Nov 25, 2017

How useful is DNA sequencing from 23andme?  What about ozone injections into joints?  Red "food" dye?  Here, Dr. Jay simplifies important health issues, combining these entertaining and enlightening Chagrin & Tonic (C&T) YouTube episodes:

(1) Pro DNA Consultant 23andme REVIEWS: Genetic Testing, Price, Raw Data,

(2) Acupuncture ON OZONE? The Science of Prolozone THERAPY Joint Injections,

(3) This COMMON Substance is Obfuscating Virtually EVERY Scientific Experiment!,

(4) Red 40 “Food” Coloring: BEYOND Cancer and ADHD Symptoms in Children,

(5) LOWER Doses Can Be WORSE and “Dose Makes the Poison” Can be WRONG (Estrogen Dominance)


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