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Chagrin & Tonic Podcast

Apr 12, 2018

Ice baths changed my life!  You hear this frequently and for individual cases it may be true.  What does the science say about cryotherapy and health or simply icing your sore muscles?  Here, Dr. Jay simplifies important health issues, combining these entertaining and enlightening Chagrin & Tonic (C&T) YouTube episodes:


(1) Health Benefits of CRYOTHERAPY Treatment Especially for Athletes,


(2) Do COLD SHOWERS Actually Have Health Benefits? Ice Baths?,


(3) Cold Showers LOWER Testosterone, They Don’t INCREASE T,


(4) The SCIENCE of 'Ice Man' WIM HOF: Breathing and Brown Fat,


(5) Icing Sore Muscles: What You've Been Told is WRONG.


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